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I’m a researcher in Computer Science focused on Software Engineering and -Meta-Modeling since 2006. I’m currently an Engineering Doctorate student at the University of York, and in my personal site you can find varied information about my past work and experience. I ocassionally write in my personal blog

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Curriculum Vitae


Professor Richard Paige Professor at University of York
I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Adolfo in the course of his doctoral studies; he has both broad and deep knowledge of Eclipse tooling for MDE, and of MDE in general
Dayana Martín Ruiz Software Engineer at Open Canarias
I was lucky to share with Adolfo my first professional steps. I learnt from him as a professional, colleague, and person. He is always open to help, teach, explore and improve every day. Wherever he goes, I know he will spread his restlessness and love on what he does.
Noé Rodríguez González Software Engineer at Open Canarias
I studied and collaborated with Adolfo in varied projects. A brilliant mind passionate of software development and a great disposition for team working. His contributions to the projects I’ve been involved are a source of inspiration and an example of good work.
Víctor Roldán Betancort Software Engineer at Zalando
I collaborated closely with Adolfo for many years and had the luck to have him by my side in many projects. He’s proactive and with a positive attitude towards problem solving, and loves to be challenged. We worked together for many years in the trenches of the Eclipse Modeling Project, and his contributions to the community are multiple and invaluable.
Athanasios Zolotas EngD Student at University of York
Always a pleasure to collaborate with him. Hard working, has an eye for detail!